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The colony was under attack from within.
The rebels not only grew in number, but boldness as well.
Ariya Kai, a young security officer with psychic gifts and abilities was recruited to join a secret organization to fight for
‘The Colony and its People’.
Ariya always wanted to make a difference, and it was an honor no one in their right mind would pass up.
Seeing the horrors from the front line, she quickly realized things were worse than she had imagined.
When her psychic gifts reached another level, her newly gained ability was the turning point some in the organization had been hoping for.
Ariya never thought it would bring her face to face with her destiny …

F.Z.Zach, the Author of Ariya Kai The Secret Of Colony L.I.F.E., is a veteran of the Hollywood Movie Industry specializing in Visual Effects.
He had always loved story telling and started to write Screenplays but realized early on that his original idea or vision would be compromised. While in Hollywood, he worked to bring other people’s vision to the big screen, it now was time to bring his own creations to life. Hence, the idea to write Ariya Kai was born.